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Dry Needling Specialist

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Plantar warts — the most common kind of foot warts — cause rough and uncomfortable skin on the bottom of your feet. If untreated, plantar warts become so painful that you often end up limping instead of walking. The team at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC, in Mesquite, Rockwall, Wylie, Forney, and Kaufman, Texas, has a powerful treatment for you: dry needling. At the Wylie location, skilled podiatrist William Stephens, DPM, offers dry needling as a powerful plantar wart cure (often in only one treatment session). To make an appointment, call the office nearest you or use online booking today.

Dry Needling Q&A

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are warts on the bottom of your feet. They’re caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is quite easy to pick up by walking shoeless in public pools, locker rooms, or other communal areas where the virus grows.

Plantar warts look different than the round, fleshy pink bumps you may commonly associate with warts. They’re usually flatter and harder, and range in color from skin tone to brown or black.

When you stand or walk, you tread on the plantar warts, which forces them inward and creates an even harder and more painful bump.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a minimally invasive in-office treatment in which Dr. Stephens uses a very slim needle to create multiple tiny punctures in plantar warts. This is the best way to push the underlying infection deeper into your skin.

By pushing the infection from the dermis into the subcutaneous fat, it moves to an area where your immune system is more active. Then, your body can recognize the virus causing the wart and fight it effectively.

Each case is different, but most patients at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC, achieve a plantar wart cure in just one dry needling session.

How does dry needling work?

Dr. Stephens administers a spray anesthetic, followed by an injected anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel any pain during your dry needling treatment. Then, he uses the slender needle to carefully manipulate the plantar warts from all angles.

He continues manipulating the wart tissue with the needle until he feels dramatically less tissue resistance, a sign that he’s treated the entire wart.

You’ll bleed during this treatment, but that’s a good sign that the infection is moving inward where it needs to be. Bleeding also triggers your immune system to spring into action fighting the infection.

After the treatment, Dr. Stephens applies a foot dressing, which you’ll wear up to a week. Over the coming weeks and months, your immune system destroys the HPV. This leads to wart healing and smooth feet over time.

Will insurance cover dry needling?

Yes. Dry needling for plantar warts is a highly effective and well-respected treatment that all insurances cover.

Ready to get rid of your plantar warts in just one appointment? Call the Wylie office of Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC, or use the online scheduler today.