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Lapiplasty Bunion Correction Surgery



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Resolve your acute foot and ankle pain without the need of bulky walking boots. Introducing the revolutionary Tayco Brace. Available in Wylie and Rowlett 

About Practice

Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC has been providing podiatry services to the Texas community for over 40 years. With locations in Mesquite, Wylie, Forney, and Kaufman, Texas, patients can be assured of an accommodating treatment journey. 

The primary focus at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists is providing foot health in an informative and communicative way. The skilled providers proudly provide treatments for men and women of all ages, and every patient can feel comfortable discussing treatment options with their provider. 

The team at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists treats several conditions, including arch and heel pain, arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, bunions, flat feet, and ankle sprains. 

In addition, the team uses several methods to diagnose any podiatry problem a patient may experience. These may include orthotic scanners, PVD testing for the ankle, digital x-rays, diagnostic ultrasounds, and in-office peripheral testing. 

Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists has a qualified, extensive team and always makes the time for patients to be seen quickly. All providers will assess the best treatment options for your needs. The team prides themselves on explaining procedures clearly, have a conservative approach surgery, and provide personalized visits.

Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists is accepting new and existing patients. Reach out and book your appointment today, via phone or their online form.

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We Put Your Feet First

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