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Corns Specialist

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Corns are thickened patches of skin that develop on your toes when your bones push up against your shoes and put pressure on your skin. Since corns can become very sore and tender, the podiatrists at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC, with locations in Mesquite, Wylie, Forney, and Kaufman, Texas, provide in-office treatment solutions. Get the corn relief you deserve by booking an evaluation through the website or over the phone with the office nearest you today.

Corns Q & A

What causes corns on my feet?

Corns, which form on non-weight-bearing areas, develop gradually over time as your toe bones push into your shoes. This puts pressure on your skin, causing the surface layer to thicken, which irritates the underlying tissues.

Hard corns typically form on the tops of your toes or on the side of your smallest toe, while soft corns usually develop between your toes as they rub against each other. In most cases, snug, ill-fitting shoes are to blame. But you can also develop foot corns due to:

  • Foot deformities, such as hammertoes or claw toes
  • Being older, since you have less protective fatty tissue
  • Not wearing socks with your shoes


Occasionally, corns develop because of unusual friction if there’s a seam on the inside of your shoe. Corns form as your toes rub up against the seam. 


When should I see a podiatrist for corns?

Corns aren’t anything you should ignore. While they’re not a serious medical concern, they can continue to worsen and cause pain. If you’re diabetic or have poor circulation, corns can lead to open, slow-healing wounds that can become seriously infected.

It’s important to come to Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists for treatment if your corns are:

  • Thickening and becoming firmer
  • Causing pain when you walk
  • Oozing or bleeding
  • Causing tenderness


Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists podiatrists don’t simply treat corns, rather, your podiatrist examines you and talks with you about your lifestyle. They help you get to the root of why you have corns, so they can treat the underlying concern and help you prevent further issues. 


How does a podiatrist treat corns?

To help you experience fast relief, your podiatrist at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists might recommend a professional corn removal. 

Your podiatrist can cut away some of your thickened skin with a sterile scalpel and bandage the area. They may also recommend applying specialized corn padding to prevent pressure on your treated skin to help with healing.

If you have an underlying bone deformity that’s causing your corns, your podiatrist might recommend surgical correction. 

For instance, if you have hammertoes, it’s common for them to rub up against the insides of your shoes, which can lead to corns. Your podiatrist can surgically realign your toes and help them lie flat, so you won’t have to struggle with painful corns in the future.

Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC provides in-office treatments for corns. Before your corns cause any further discomfort, book an appointment online or over the phone at any clinic today.